Cliquer pour un aperçu de CHEF (memoirs of a culinary lunatic) Poche et Grand poche

Whether you are looking for true tales from a man too talented and too crazy for his own good, or need to know how to run a successful restaurant into the ground, look no further than this book.
Come on in, to a place where the food is exceptional, the Chef is clearly (and profanely) audible, and "the customer is always wrong."


À propos de l'auteur

Dietmar Molitor
dhm43 Palm Springs, CA, USA

After retiring from the restaurant industry, everyone told me I should write a book about all of my crazy experiences coming up as a chef in Europe and the US.
I went into chef apprenticeship in Germany at age 14 and finished at age 17 with job offers around the world. I eventually cooked my way to the United States. I have always done things my own way, and this frequently led me into trouble, adventure, or both. The details of those are found in my memoir.
I hope you enjoy it!

Date de publication  07 juin 2011

Dimensions    158pgs Impression noir et blanc (sur papier texturé crème)

Catégorie  Biographies et mémoires

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