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One of multiple books in Dr. Ino Itall's "Everything" knowledge series. These books are a humorous jab at the subject printed on the cover. They spoof the knowledge attained by each subject by having a book of blank pages attesting to their specific area. These books also serve as great tablets, diaries and notebooks for the owner.


À propos de l'auteur

Dr. Ino Itall
Dr-Ino-Itall Southwestern Pa, United States of America
Dr. Ino Itall is known throughout all the world. I doubt that there is a village, city, town, or place of gathering that doesn’t have at least one Ino Itall relative living amongst its citizens. The character of Ino Itall has traversed generations since the beginning of time. Ino Itall’s have worked in every profession known to mankind. The question is, have you ever met one?

Date de publication  04 juin 2011

Dimensions    80pgs Impression noir et blanc (sur papier texturé crème)

Catégorie  Humour

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