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This is a personal account of childhood emotional abuse and the after effects felt throughout life thereafter.

The verses detail the rawness of emotion, the helplessness and isolation felt. It describes the blackness and pain and the sadness and loss experienced whilst living within a disfunctional family.

The book offers the reader, who having experienced a similar journey in life, the chance to exorcise and share their own emotional turmoils, hopefully giving them the chance to speak their truth.


À propos de l'auteur

Chris R Kitchener
Elbow69 UK

Moods and Emotions, like clouds, float through our days. Some pass by leaving us with a smile, others gather dark and heavy, having travelled from deep within the soul. Each one reflecting past events, which have etched themselves into our very being.

They swirl and alter with all that surrounds us, and with all that we've seen along the way. But their source is often deeply embedded inside us, and so sometimes never gets erased.

Being creative, I have often expressed my Moods and Emotions through Verse and Image. Some of these I now share with you, and maybe, if your journey has sometimes been fractured,
they will strike a chord in you.

Date de publication  18 mai 2011

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Catégorie  Poésie

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