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Developed and completed in over a year of obsessive creative fervor, my digital photographic panorama, "The walls belong to us" is an epic work of art in itself. The addition of ideas and comments from a range of thought provoking individuals, representing art, science and other walks of life enriched the content of this book with powerful connotations, creating endless possibilities of discourse.

While the wall in the work has a purely metaphoric meaning, the characters seem to tackle it with a heroic passion. How real are those walls? That is the question that I would hope you pose to yourself.


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Magdalena Taber
transart Boston

Date de publication  14 mai 2011

Dimensions  Portrait standard  78pgs Papier de qualité supérieure, fini mat

Catégorie  Photographie artistique

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marvyloves écrit

Your work is the photographic Salvador Dali counterpart. I love what you see beyond the veil. Surreal. Real. At another time, I will contemplate the passages you wrote. Can't seem to view it clearly on my computer. But the photos stand out. Keep walking in beauty...

publié à 00:27 mai 18 (UTC -8)

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