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What do you get when you take 62 photographers from 6 continents and 17 countries? You get 80 pages that celebrate life and some damn good photography for all tastes.

When a founding member died from cancer, in 2010, The Icebox decided to honor Dave Hohler, creating a book of photographs and dedicating the book to him. All net proceeds are being donated to the cancer charities, including the American Cancer Society via Dave's Relay for Life team.

Great photography from many perspectives around the world and our small part in helping the fight against cancer give the reader an elegant coffee table book that reminds everyone of the fragility of life and the loyalty of Icebox members to a fallen friend.


À propos de l'auteur

Jake Rome
jakerome Manhattan Beach, California, United States of America
A runner with a photography problem or a photographer with a running problem. Working as an engineer, living at the beach near Los Angeles. The last 3 years, I've developed a bad habit of creating or organizing collaborative projects with sometimes a few and sometimes hundreds of virtual stranger. A quick search for Free the Dune, The Day of the Donut or the Operation Jack Marathon will lead you to three of these quixotic efforts. My current projects include including 2-3 teams for the Hermosa 24 ultramarathon & relay on the soft sand of the beach, raising money for cancer research to honor my mom and of course The Icebox Book. This fine art photography book can soon be in your hands, and will proudly rest atop your other coffee table books. Give it a shot.

Date de publication  13 avril 2011

Dimensions  Grand carré  80pgs Papier de qualité supérieure, fini satiné

Catégorie  Photographie artistique

Mots clés  ,

Commentaires (4)


Misha_D écrit

impressive effort!

publié à 18:03 avril 16 (UTC -8)


popellus écrit

Thank You

publié à 23:18 avril 15 (UTC -8)


TheOldie écrit

Jake Rome can herd cats! This was a near-impossible feat of organization, forcing a disparate, far-flung group of petulant, highly-strung and fractious individuals [who also happen to be good friends] to collaborate to a deadline.

Jake for Director-General of the UN!

publié à 04:55 avril 15 (UTC -8)


cmenz écrit

Awesome work, Jake. I am proud to be part of that book!

publié à 12:41 avril 14 (UTC -8)

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