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Pawel Klarecki
klarens Limavady/Northern Ireland
My name is Pawel Klarecki. I was born in 1982, I'm Polish, and now live in Limavady, Northern Ireland. In my case, photography has turned out to be my passion, my life and my entire point of view. I am constantly trying to get to know people and the world through pictures. Generally, I take photos of landscapes and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I am fortunate to live on the wild and beautiful North coast of Northern Ireland - this is a photographer's paradise and I love to capture the wonderful lanscapes here which are a constant source of inspiration to me in my pursuit of excellence in photography. Thank you very much for visiting my portfolio. My WEB: www.klarens.fotea.pl or Blog: www.pawelklarecki.blogspot.com

Commentaires (6)


klarens écrit

Thank You John!

publié à 12:12 mars 10 (UTC -8)


johnu écrit

Your photos are mesmerizing. Everything shows a professional touch that captures an essence of beauty in all your chosen subjects. The shot of the hedges is one of the most lovely I have seen. Thank you for sharing this with us.
John Ulatowski

publié à 16:58 mars 09 (UTC -8)


klarens écrit

hehe.. Dzięki Edyta :) Pozdrowka!

publié à 15:05 mars 07 (UTC -8)


EdytaBL écrit

No Pawelku, kawal dobrej roboty :)
gratulacje !

publié à 23:34 mars 06 (UTC -8)


klarens écrit

Thank You ;)

publié à 17:13 mars 06 (UTC -8)


adrager écrit

nice sensibility

publié à 17:08 mars 06 (UTC -8)

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