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I carry a small digital camera everywhere I go. Nothing fancy. Just a simple camera. And everywhere I go, I put it in my hand, I let my arm fall naturally by my side and I shoot pictures at waist level as I walk through my daily routine.

Sometimes I'll point my camera toward something I might see ahead of me but more often than not, I let my lens fly by the seat of it's pants. Whatever the plan, because of the nature of my technique most of what I capture amounts to a pile of nothing much, because much of my process depends on luck. Having the good fortune to click my shutter at the right moment, in the right place, while I breeze by. Catching by chance, one clear moment of beauty among images of blurred buildings, random body parts and pavement. With all that, when I beat the odds and a great photograph happens, it's amazing!

Photographs in color and BW.
Book size: 8" x10"
68 Pages


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Timothy Snyder
timsnyder San Francisco, CA
My first book on BLURB, "Shooting From The Hip" is 68 pages of my candid shots of urban San Francisco.
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