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This book is a collection of photographs
dating from 2000 to 2010. A decade of
shooting and learning. There is no central
theme other than the love of imagery, the
need to capture people, streets, light,
places and detail and then see the results
printed on paper.


À propos de l'auteur

Agelis Tsotras
mrtso Athens, Greece

Born in 1983, in Athens, Greece, studied politics in the UK, and Spain, spent 6 years abroad, now back in Greece, working as a professional translator and sometimes as a photographer. I’ ve been taking photos since around ’99. Started with a Pentax Spotmatic, then a Nikon F3, a Nikon F60, a Nikon D70, along with a Nikon F90, a Kiev 60 Medium Format, and lately a Nikon D700.

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Joe & Shelley - Mariage livre photo
Publié 20 octobre 2012
Μυρτώ & Χάρης - Mariage livre photo
Publié 23 janvier 2012
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