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There is a place.......located in southeast Washington State and adjacent Idaho, south of Spokane and north of the Snake River. The Palouse is a unique and rich farming area of rolling hills with deep, fertile soils. These soils have made the Palouse one of the most productive agricultural zones in the world. And because of these rolling hills and the farms that cultivate it, the area is remarkably photogenic. Sinuous lines of cut hay and wheat on the undulating fields, great old (and new) barns and small towns tucked into the valleys--all make for numerous photo opportunities.


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Glenn & Jane Richards
HGR Aurora, Colorado, USA
Glenn Richards, a geologist by profession, has been interested in photography since high school. His photographic experiences continued thruout his college days & professional career-taking him to Central & South America & thruout the U.S. His earlier years utilized film & slides in the 35 mm format. In the late 1990's, he moved to digital which he continues to use today, attempting to evolve as the science evolves. His wife Jane was dragged kicking into photography, but has since become an ardent student of the subject.

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