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The magic of fantasy brought to life in Laura's special birthday surprise.

Laura finds herself bored at a party and thinks this is just like all her other parties


Laura is transported into another world as she touches a painting of a unicorn named Apollo at her birthday party.

She finds herself flying on the back of Apollo and landing into a castle made of gold.

She meets king Hagar who sets a task to find a magical hat and ring to defeat boredom. He promises to give laura a surprise for her 13th birthday upon her return

Laura's quest leads her through many enchanted and scary places and she meets wonderful friends along the way, who help and guide her to defeat boredom.

Her surprise present is to keep the magic ring and hat that she can use again any time she is feeling bored.

Laura realizes her adventures have only just begun.


À propos de l'auteur

Andrew Alan Matthews
andyeileen Manchester

I have been involved and interested in art all my life and was employed as a textile design artist for 10 years reproducing designs for all the major textile companies in the uk, I gained a B.A.Hons textile design degree in 1999 and when my daughter was born in 2001 I began to produce childrens books to help with her education. I have undertaken commissioned artwork for many people ranging from portraits,landscapes to designs and I am currently working on a collection of childrens story books.

Date de publication  18 mai 2010

Dimensions  Portrait standard  40 pages   Papier standard

Catégorie  Enfants

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