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This is a book of funny poems about the animals, birds and insects of the Caribbean.
It is both for children and adults. And is written with a fondness for their funny habits, bad and good.
Hope you enjoy reading this aloud to your children and grandchildren.


À propos de l'auteur

Jennifer May
jennpots French West Indies.
Boredom I have discovered is a great stimulant to writing. Travelling in a van, instead of a sail boat, there was nothing to pull on, no watch to keep, so I played with the dashboard buttons and windows until I was told off. What to do? I thought, here I am travelling, most people would wind the hind tail off a donkey to do this, so why am I going crazy. A little Zen training had happened some years before, "Notice" said the guru. "and write it down." So this is how and why I started to write. I am a complete novice, but what the heck. It is fun! If you meet me today I will want to know how your liver is working and if you use a double knot to tie your shoe laces. So beware. Life is interesting again!

Date de publication  04 mai 2010

Dimensions  Portrait standard  46pgs Papier standard

Catégorie  Humour

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