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My love of nature and photography come together in this coffee table book. This square format book contains over 200 mostly color photographs taken in Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Britain and several Caribbean islands. Famous and not-so-famous quotes about life and nature accompany the photos.


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Dan Eidsmoe
DanEidsmoe Bloomington, Illinois & Fort Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.
I am passionate about exploring nature with my camera and some comfortable shoes (or flippers). Photography provides a creative outlet for me. Being a corporate attorney does not provide this kind of outlet!

Commentaires (5)


DanEidsmoe écrit

Thank you Cindy you are way too kind!

publié à 11:40 mai 04 (UTC -8)


shutterbug50 écrit

I have previewed thousands of books here on blurb.com and BY FAR yours is my favorite! Thank you for sharing your collection of wonderful images.


publié à 08:38 mai 04 (UTC -8)


DanEidsmoe écrit

Thank you Saravah! It was my pleasure sharing the photos with you.


publié à 16:30 mai 01 (UTC -8)


Saravah écrit

A wonderful book, I like your perspective!

publié à 14:54 mai 01 (UTC -8)


Saravah écrit

A wonderful book, I like your perspective! Thanks to be so generous by letting see all of your photos.

publié à 14:50 mai 01 (UTC -8)

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