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A collection of nude and erotic self-portraits by Sabrina Dacos.


À propos de l'auteur

Sabrina Dacos

Date de publication  12 avril 2010

Dimensions  Format paysage  112pgs Papier standard

Catégorie  Photographie artistique

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alfondc écrit

Funny, naughty and very sexy. I really love your work in flickr and here like a book!

publié à 03:26 avril 27 (UTC -8)


Ilisten2U2 écrit

... First, 'thank you'! Your hard work is greatly enjoyed and very much appreciated! Your perspective is intriguing, downright fearless, and refreshingly original. I truely admire a person who opens herself bravely to as much to criticism as praise and accepts both so humbly. 'Sabrina' so very successfully invokes, excites, and often challenges our emotions: what else is photography for? Your concept and it's execution are a gift, your talents as both model and photographer continue to connect you strongly with viewers who you always leave wanting for more ... You're a beautiful, original, playful tease, Sabrina, and we love you for it!

publié à 00:02 févr 04 (UTC -8)


photo-simpa écrit

Hola preciosa Sab,
Tu trabajo artístico es excepcional… él me inspiró para hacer un álbum de matrimonio
Gracias ti… y besitos

 P-A

publié à 17:24 févr 16 (UTC -8)


molineli écrit

Really amazing! A wonderful book. It could only be better printed on Premium Paper. Why cannot it be ordered with that option?

publié à 11:45 déc 20 (UTC -8)


ilbalestro écrit

Sarebbe stato bello vedere alcune pagine del libro! (10/15) Ciao.

publié à 07:18 nov 09 (UTC -8)


damasomorais écrit

Sabrina, congratulations,this your book is a excellent work.
You know, about my comment, i love and appreciate your wonderful body, and this book even though some of your fixed on flickr, is magnificent. Pema still has some blank pages, as you try and so beautiful pictures if you could complete and possiovel include many more photos of your magnificent corpo.Ha much do you know I'm a fan of your beautiful body. Go ahead with your beauty and sensuality.

publié à 07:31 oct 07 (UTC -8)


dipu10dhaka écrit

This is awesome. I'm just surprised to see your photographs & the passion behind this art.......................simply wow!!

publié à 09:41 sept 04 (UTC -8)

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